Visitor Experience

ExpoCMS offers your website visitors a convenient and intuitive environment to browse, filter and engage with content, register to attend, manage their content preferences and plan their visit.

ExpoCMS has the tools to keep your visitors engaged with your event content 365/24/7



The natural SEO of expocms helps relevant visitors find your event website no matter how crowded the market may be.

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Provide visitors with the navigation and tools to drill down to the content that matches their interests quickly.

content preferences

Content Preferences

Once regsitered website users your visitors can choose relevant content and build their event participation.



You can collect your pre-registration data in the event website and provide their entry badge and account login at source.

More Features:

  • Content on all devices
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast loading content
  • Extensive search filtering
  • Depth of exhibitor content
  • RSS for news, blogs and content
  • Pre-registration
  • Content preferences
  • Personalised interactive floorplans (Floorplan Live)
  • Exhibitor messaging
  • Easy to find
  • Easy to navigate
  • Personalised
  • Engage with exhibitors

  • More onsite conversions


To see how ExpoCMS delivers value for visitors just get in touch to arrange a demo