Operations Team

Building the event operations manual, collecting the data and generating timed reports to multiple recipients is an easy process in expocms, freeing up value time for the Operations Team.

The experience for Exhibitors is one of convenience too, reducing the time required to manage this aspect of their event attendance. Everything, including a seamless login to the onsite contractor, is managed from one place.

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Ease of Use

Content management in expocms is highly user friendly making organisation of your content a quick process.

form building

Form Building

Building custom forms for the operations manual is flexible and fast with auto generated lists and email reports on data collected.

data collection

Data Collection

Choose how you collect your data: by email, with auto generated lists and email reports on data collected.



You can create bespoke reports on any of your data lists which are live for download, export or sharing with suppliers.

More Features:

  • Content management
  • Page and subpage creation
  • Password protected content
  • Unlimited customisable forms
  • Unlimited bespoke reporting on any data held
  • Timed email reports
  • Editable, personalised email autoresponders
  • File upload & foldered collection
  • Floorplan Live integration
  • Contractor integration
  • One point of entry
  • Easy to Use
  • Packed with features
  • Exhibitor convenience

  • Great operational support


To see how ExpoCMS can help the Operations Team, just get in touch to arrange a demo

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